Our Tuesday Dojang (training hall) is situated in a sports complex with ample parking and excellent facilities. We carry out a full range of training including traditional linework and patterns, authentic free sparring and competition sparring. Our aim is to offer a fully rounded training experience with traditional teaching to uphold the five tenets of Taekwon-Do and follow the way, created and originally taught by General Choi and now continued by First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha.

Fitness & Flexibility

To be physically fit does not mean that you are able to run the London Marathon or go nine rounds with the Heavyweight Champion of the World. It is simply the ability to function efficiently and effectively without injury, to enjoy leisure, to be healthy, to resist disease, and to cope with emergency situations. Physical fitness is commonly defined as the capacity to carry out the day’s activities, pursue recreational activities, and have the physical capability to handle emergency situations.
In Taekwon-Do, it is important to keep up the appearance of being at one’s fittest, even when one tires, as it is at the perceived weakest point that an enemy will strike, be it a bully, mugger or simply a competitor.


Flexibility is the range of motion or movement in a joint or joints and depends largely on how supple the muscles are. Good flexibility gives freedom of movement and the ability to change the body’s position to avoid danger or to allow a person to carry out their daily activities with minimum bodily discomfort. Children tend to have more flexibility than adults, but with repeated exercise, the smallest amount of increased flexibility can make huge changes to your life and to your lifestyle.

In Taekwon-Do, we teach stretching exercises and breathing techniques that will not only increase your flexibility but which will also help you to relax, help with your respiratory system and will also help reduce your feeling of fatigue and of stress.


Sparring at Spartan Taekwon-Do we practice a variety of sparring techniques and styles.

As a beginner you will concentrate on 3 step sparring to learn distance and timing, which involves learning techniques to block punches and counter attacks as an opponent steps towards you while punching. As you progress you will learn 2 step sparring which involves defending against punches and kicks, then using more advanced counter attacks. From here 1 step sparring is the next progressive stage, and this introduces a more realistic attack and defence situations.


All of this can then be combined into free sparring, where you will use the variety of block, kicks, strikes and self defence techniques you have progressively learnt to defend and attack in realistic combat – in a safe controlled environment.


We also learn competition sparring where point stop and continuous sparring techniques are learnt. Emphasis here is on speed and learning point scoring techniques.

Power and Destruction

During your training at Spartan Taekwon-Do you will be taught the theory of power and trained how to demonstrate destruction by breaking boards and later and black belt level bricks!

The theory of power can be split into 6 elements and a good way of remembering them is using the following acronym:

C.R.E.M.B.S – Concentration – Reaction Force – Equilibrium – Mass – Breath – Speed