Sparring at Spartan Taekwon-Do we practice a variety of sparring techniques and styles.

As a beginner you will concentrate on 3 step sparring to learn distance and timing, which involves learning techniques to block punches and counter attacks as an opponent steps towards you while punching. As you progress you will learn 2 step sparring which involves defending against punches and kicks, then using more advanced counter attacks. From here 1 step sparring is the next progressive stage, and this introduces a more realistic attack and defence situations.


All of this can then be combined into free sparring, where you will use the variety of block, kicks, strikes and self defence techniques you have progressively learnt to defend and attack in realistic combat – in a safe controlled environment.


We also learn competition sparring where point stop and continuous sparring techniques are learnt. Emphasis here is on speed and learning point scoring techniques.