You will learn to

Gain confidence,
Build fitness & flexibility,
Employ a positive mental attitude,
Improve your own self discipline & motivation,
Improve your morals & integrity,
Enhance traditional values,
Practical self defence,
Relieve stress

The way we do the above are by making lessons consist of any combination of exercise, games (aimed at the children) and any thing from the below topics.

Fundamental Techniques
These are the basic blocking, punching, striking and kicking techniques which form the basis of Taekwon-Do. You will learn these in the class and practice them up and down the hall in drill exercises. These techniques comprise those demonstrated in your pattern.

Patterns are “a series of offensive and defensive techniques against an imaginary opponent or opponents”. These are designed for your grade, and feature the range of techniques you must practice for your grading exam.


Set Sparring is when Taekwon-Do techniques are performed against other students, in a controlled manner, allowing you to practice their use in a semi-real situation. There are three levels to set sparring – three-step; two-step; and one-step sparring.

Free Sparring is when two (or later on, three) opponents face one another, and perform Taekwon-Do techniques in a continuous, controlled manner. Free sparring is semi (touch) contact, and is designed to allow the student to practice the dynamic use of Taekwon-Do against an opponent.

Competition Sparring is when two opponents ‘fight’ in a controlled manner, with various rules regarding safety and the scoring of points, with a view to determining a winner.

At Spartan Taekwon-Do you will learn self-defence

Power and Destruction
Breaking is part of training in Taekwon-Do and is often a spectacular way to demonstrate different techniques and personal destructive power. The goal of breaking is to allow the student to develop self-confidence. Breaking demonstrates that the student has mastered the techniques that allow him or her to produce maximum power.  Power breaking demonstrates technical efficiency, precision, aim and power. Special techniques in breaking combine athletic performance with perfect execution of techniques.